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Company news

19.05.2020 11:01:51

Dollar eases as vaccine trials lift risk appetite

The dollar bounced on Tuesday after the COVID-19 vaccine trial reported encouraging data, lifting market appetite for risky currencies. The euro surged against the dollar and the Swiss franc after Germany and France proposed for a 500 billion ...

19.05.2020 11:01:50

Asian shares, oil gain as COVID-19 vaccine trials show positive data

Asian shares surged and oil prices gained on Tuesday after an early-stage trial for the COVID-19 vaccine showed positive results. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia Pacific shares outside Japan climbed 1.5%. Japan’s Nikkei grew 2%, ...

19.05.2020 10:01:17

Australia takes sharp economic blow from COVID-19 pandemic

Australia’s economy currently faces an unprecedented downturn due to the novel coronavirus crisis. However, large volumes of fiscal and monetary supports could minimize the impact of the deadly respiratory disease, according to the minutes ...

19.05.2020 10:01:17

Australia's unemployment hike eases, wages find footing: ABS

Unemployment surge from down under had eased in the last couple of weeks. More so, wages had increased as government support initiatives nursed the suffering economy, a record from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed on Tuesday. The ...

18.05.2020 13:01:44

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau commits to look for more aid for airlines after Air Canada announces layoffs

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Saturday that he was committed to looking at possible ways to help airlines that were severely affected by the pandemic. Yet the Canadian prime minister laid out no new measures and ...

18.05.2020 12:01:30

Emirates Group considers cutting 30,000 jobs amid the pandemic

Bloomberg News reported on Sunday that the Emirates Group is considering plans to cut about 30,000 jobs as the operator of the world's largest long-haul carrier seeks to reduce costs after the pandemic grounded air travel. Emirates Group announced ...

18.05.2020 12:01:30

Prospects of economic re-opening foster rise in European shares; oil and gold on the rise

On Monday, European stocks climbed up alongside oil prices, considerably at their highest in more than a month. These took place as lockdowns are being loosened, thus bolstering market sentiment despite COVID-19 not being contained entirely. With ...

18.05.2020 09:01:30

Thai economy contracts the sharpest, struggling months lurk

Thailand’s economy hit its sharpest downturn in eight years in the first quarter. Though it contracted by less than speculated, struggling months impend as the coronavirus crisis ravages tourism and domestic activity. Southeast Asia’s ...

18.05.2020 09:01:30

Japan’s economy recedes, pandemic drags demand lower

Japan’s economy succumbed to recession for the first time in 4 -1/2 years, placing the country on track for its sharpest demand slump as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts businesses and consumers. First-quarter figures highlighted the grave ...

18.05.2020 09:01:30

Oil prices rise more than $1, hit one-month highs

Oil prices gained over $1 per barrel on Monday, hitting more than a month-high as production cuts and demand recovery provided a floor for the market. Brent crude rose 3.7%, or $1.19, at $33.69 per barrel. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude ...

18.05.2020 09:01:29

Dollar firms amid growing tensions with China, pound falls on negative interest rates

The dollar firmed on Monday as the market mood was weighed by arising global tensions with China and the prospect of negative interest rates. The dollar firmed at 107.25 against the range-bound yen as Japan fell into recession for the first ...

18.05.2020 08:01:04

Gold Climbs up Amid Tumultuous U.S.-China Relations

The Asian Markets saw the safe-haven asset, gold, climbing up thus extending its gains from Friday. This is recorded to be its highest point since October 2012. With the relationship between U.S. and China in dire straits, alongside gloomy ...

15.05.2020 12:01:24

Oil prices hit one-month high as demand shows recovery

Oil prices hit more than one-month highs on Friday after gaining over 3% amid signs of demand recovery. Brent crude rose 3.9%, or $1.21, at $32.34 per barrel, gaining 3% for the week. U.S. West Texas Intermediate climbed 3.3%, or 92 cents, ...

15.05.2020 12:01:24

European stocks surge after China factory output rises

European shares climbed on Friday as Chinese factory output increased, but U.S.-China tensions remain. The pan-European STOXX 600 surged 1.4%, with travel stocks gaining 2.7%. Miners .SXPP and chip makers also rose after China’s industrial ...

15.05.2020 11:01:24

Asian stocks mixed amid mixed outlook of China’s recovery

Asian stocks were mixed on Friday morning, putting an end to a rough week for the market. Investor sentiment remained unsure even as China rolled out efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. China reported a 3.9% increase in industry ...

15.05.2020 11:01:24

Dollar falls as U.S.-China trade tensions escalate

The Dollar fell on Friday morning, losing some of its gains from the day before. Investor fears mounted as tensions escalated between the U.S. and China after U.S. President Donald Trump signaled in an interview the night before that he might ...

15.05.2020 11:01:24

European stocks rally as investors cheer China factory data

European stocks rallied on Friday after investors found comfort in China’s report of an increase in April’s factory activity, exceeding analysts’ forecasts. However, with the simmering trade tensions between the U.S. and ...

15.05.2020 10:01:18

SoKor to implement tighter measures on surging unemployment amid pandemic

South Korea’s finance ministry pledged to provide intensive measures to control the recently-monitored hike in unemployment. The agency also emphasized the ever-increasing level of economic risks as local and global demand collapse. Latest ...

15.05.2020 10:01:16

U.S. economic outlook grows dimmer, gradual recovery to follow

An already-dim near-term U.S. economic outlook has grown murkier in the recently-conducted Reuters poll of economic analysts. Though recuperation is still possible, the U.S. economy may take a long time to fully regain its momentum. Recent ...

15.05.2020 09:01:23

USD up for weekly gain despite gloomy forecast for economic recovery

On Friday, the U.S. dollar was seen to be poised for weekly gains. The Australian dollar, on the other hand, had dropped by 1% this week due to the new wave of COVID-19 infections. Investors are on the fence with optimism for a speedy global ...

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