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Company news

01.07.2020 11:01:22

Asian factories recover as pandemic drag eases

Asia’s manufacturing pain stopped pressing in June. This followed after China’s factory sector recovered, boosting optimism that the region has survived the worst of the novel coronavirus crisis. China’s Caixin/Markit Manufacturing ...

01.07.2020 11:01:22

Japan business confidence at lowest since 2009 due to virus crisis

Japanese manufacturers’ confidence dropped in the second quarter to levels not monitored since the global financial crisis of 2009. This highlighted the damage that the novel coronavirus crisis inflicted on the export-dependent economy. The ...

30.06.2020 15:01:16

Cerberus Management wants Commerzbank to cut 7,000 jobs amid coronavirus pandemic

Germany’s second-biggest bank, Commerzbank (CBKG.DE), said on Tuesday that the U.S. activist investor Cerberus Capital Management wants them to slash more than 7,000 jobs as a part of its strategic plan to reduce the company’s ...

30.06.2020 13:01:30

Oil prices dip on demand woes, Libya in talks to resume supply

Oil prices fell on Tuesday amid fading hopes for an increase in demand, while a buildup of stockpiles weighed the market. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures slipped by 44 cents, but recovered a portion of its losses after China posted ...

30.06.2020 13:01:30

Safe-haven currencies remain unchanged, Sterling softens on spending concerns

Safe-haven currencies were on the defensive on Tuesday as hopes of an economic recovery strengthened stock prices. The Pound Sterling was under pressure after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged a “Rooseveltian" boost to public ...

30.06.2020 13:01:30

Airbus to slow down services amid the coronavirus pandemic

On Tuesday, European aviation company, Airbus (AIR.PA) said that it would delay its $10 billion worth of services business amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, the company would continue its strategic support for airline operations. “It ...

30.06.2020 12:01:09

Asia stocks gain as China PMI lifts market mood

Asian shares gained on Tuesday after China’s manufacturing sector grew more than anticipated in June. The gain was a positive sign despite the global economic struggle amid the coronavirus pandemic. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific ...

30.06.2020 12:01:09

Japan factory output drops as economy falls deeper in recession

Japanese industrial output in May dropped to its lowest level since the global financial crisis, underlining the deep impact of the coronavirus pandemic on factory productivity. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry data reported ...

30.06.2020 08:01:08

China’s factory activity strengthens, virus crisis hits exports and recovery

China’s factory activity grew stronger in June backed by optimism for a quick economic recovery globally. However, struggling export orders indicated that the virus-driven disruptions will continue to cap economic growth longer than ...

30.06.2020 08:01:08

Wall Street advances on Boeing gains, stimulus eyed

Wall Street shares jumped on Monday and the S&P 500 was on track for its largest quarterly gain since 1998. This was mainly from upbeat investors’ mood for a stimulus-driven economic recovery. Moreover, an increase in Boeing shares ...

29.06.2020 12:01:13

Japan car sales drop by 38% last month due to the coronavirus pandemic

On Monday, Japanese car manufacturers reported a 38% decline in their global sales last month. Most car factories and dealerships remained closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Japan’s biggest car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corp. (7203.T) ...

29.06.2020 12:01:13

Airbus to cut production by 40% in two years due to the coronavirus pandemic

The European aviation Airbus (AIR.PA) announced on Monday that its airplane production and deliveries would be 40% lower for the next two years compared to its planned pre-crisis strategy. The CEO's comments underscore the threat to jobs as ...

29.06.2020 11:01:08

Asian stocks slip as gloomy outlook dampens market sentiment

Asian stocks fell earlier on Monday as the surge in COVID-19 cases in several countries dampened hopes for a quick economic recovery. The total number of cases worldwide has reached over 10 million, resulting in over 500,000 deaths as of June ...

29.06.2020 11:01:08

Gold prices move closer to $1,800 as COVID-19 cases surpasses 10 million worldwide

Gold prices last traded closer toward $1,800 per ounce, making it the highest level reached since late 2011 as demand for the yellow metal surged amid worries over the growing COVID-19 cases worldwide. According to data from Johns Hopkins ...

29.06.2020 11:01:08

Vietnam monitors 0.36% GDP contraction due to COVID-19 crisis

Vietnam’s economic growth slowed to a total of 0.36% in the second quarter. The reading came to be the slowest pace in decades and it could be attributed to the disruptions brought by the novel coronavirus pandemic. The country’s ...

29.06.2020 11:01:08

Japanese bank sees dim outlook for tourist hub Osaka

The western Japan prefecture may take two more years to recuperate from the damage of the novel coronavirus crisis. The forecast was rendered by Tetsuya Kan, head of a major regional bank in Osaka, as the pandemic ransacked the city’s ...

29.06.2020 11:01:07

Dollar gains as new infections cast doubt on recovery

The dollar firmed, while risk currencies fell under pressure as investors doubted the economy would recover soon amid a surge in new coronavirus infections around the world. As the United States posted record levels of fresh cases each day, ...

29.06.2020 11:01:07

Japan retail sales slump as pandemic curbs consumer spending

Japan retail sales fell a double-digit pace for the second month in May as the coronavirus pandemic heavily affected consumer confidence and hopes for economic recovery. Retail sales dropped 12.3% in May year-on-year as the downturn in demand ...

26.06.2020 14:00:55

FTSE lead European stocks rally as U.K. abandons quarantine plan

European stocks ended the week on a stronger note, with FTSE shares leading the rally, after European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde said that the worst of the pandemic was over. However, Lagarde cautioned that there could ...

26.06.2020 14:00:54

BMW’s works council head supports electric-only technology platform

BMW’s head of influential work council said that they must head toward a technology platform specifically for electric cars, moving away from only developing cars that can be refitted with either electric or combustion engines. "Only ...

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