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Company news

05.05.2020 11:01:09

Asian stocks, oil gain amid re-opening economies

Asian stocks gained on Tuesday, while oil prices rose amid recovering demand as governments worldwide eased lockdowns. Brent crude traded at $28.37 per barrel, while U.S. crude stood at $21.77 per barrel.  Australia’s ASX 200 was ...

05.05.2020 10:01:03

Commodity currencies recover, U.S.-China dispute dampens sentiment

The dollar surrendered minimal gains to commodity prices on Tuesday as oil prices regained momentum. However, it hung on against the yuan as investors weighed optimism about COVID-19 recovery in China against concerns about U.S.-China dispute. The ...

05.05.2020 08:00:55

Gold prices drop as easing lockdown measures increase investor risk appetite

Gold prices fell on Tuesday morning in Asia after some countries eased on quarantine measures and reopened their economies. Gold futures slid by 0.52% at $1,704.40 per ounce at 12:37 AM ET (5:37 AM GMT) after Italy and several U.S. states ...

05.05.2020 08:00:54

Britain’s new car sales slump to record levels amid COVID-19 lockdown

New cars sales in the United Kingdom fell by nearly 97% in April to the lowest since February 1946. The slump comes as factories and dealerships close down amid the COVID-19 outbreak, preliminary data from an industry body showed. The lockdown ...

04.05.2020 16:01:07

UK to implement state-backed loans for small businesses

The UK government will be implementing a new loan scheme starting on Monday. The loans will allow small businesses such as salons, cafes, and florists to receive emergency funds in a bid to keep them afloat during the COVID-19 lockdown. Finance ...

04.05.2020 16:01:07

Australia to push for hydrogen projects with $190 million

The Australian government will invest A$300 million ($191 million) into hydrogen projects with the support of low-cost financing, according to the country’s energy minister on Monday. The investment comes in a bid to build the hydrogen ...

04.05.2020 16:01:06

SoKor’s manufacturing sector suffers as demand declines the sharpest in April

April results showed South Korea’s factories suffering under the pandemic. Global quarantine restrictions sent manufacturing operations declining the fastest since 2009 and exporters beaten by the historical drop in demand in 16 years. ...

04.05.2020 16:01:06

Glencore's Zambia subsidiary resumes mining activities for 90 days

The Mopani Copper Mines (MCM), a Glencore’s (GLNCY) Zambian subsidiary, announced on Sunday that it will continue its mining activities for 90 days. However, the company will still proceed with its initial plan to postpone operations. Glencore’s ...

04.05.2020 16:01:06

Egypt resumes hotel operations for domestic tourists amid virus outbreak

The Egyptian government announced on Sunday that it will permit hotels to resume operations for local tourists as long as they operate close to 25% capacity until May 31. The hotels must also have a variety of medical strategies and an ...

04.05.2020 16:01:06

Oil prices decline on U.S.-China trade dispute

Oil prices underperformed in the early trading session on Monday. Weak trading activity was mainly from investors’ dampened sentiment that the oil dispute between the United States and China will hinder economic recuperation as countries ...

04.05.2020 16:01:06

Dollar surges amid fears that U.S.-China trade war will re-ignite

The dollar surged on Monday against major currencies due to fears of a possible re-ignition of the U.S.-China trade war. President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have blamed China for the pandemic. Pompeo said that there was ...

04.05.2020 16:01:06

Stocks decline as U.S.-China tensions resume

European stock markets and oil prices dropped on Monday as trade war fears re-ignited after a spat between U.S.’ and China’s top officials. European shares were down 2.5%, while U.S. stock futures fell 1%. MSCI’s broadest ...

30.04.2020 16:01:32

Carlsberg first-quarter beer sales fell 7%, anticipates further decline in second quarter

The first-quarter sales of Carlsberg (CARLb.CO) fell by 7% on Thursday. While the Dutch brewing company anticipates further decline in its second-quarter sales due to beer demand in grocery stores, it failed to consider the closure of pubs ...

30.04.2020 16:01:32

Anthem sees more individuals choosing govt plans as virus hits job market

One of America’s largest health insurers, Anthem Inc. (ANTM) stated on Wednesday that the pandemic could cause a major shift in business mix. Due to high rates of unemployment across industries, individuals are compelled to depart from ...

30.04.2020 16:01:32

SoftBank to lose $6.6 billion in WeWork, adding to portfolio woes

Japan’s tech conglomerate SoftBank Group Corp said it sees a loss of nearly ¥700 billion ($6.6 billion) by the end of March on its WeWork investment outside the Vision Fund. Furthermore the group is also expecting a net loss of ¥900 ...

30.04.2020 16:01:32

Russia’s manufacturing activity shrinks to record low; survey shows

Russia’s manufacturing activity plunged to a record low in April as factories halted operations in a measure to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, a business survey revealed on Thursday.    The Markit Purchasing Managers’ ...

30.04.2020 11:01:12

Oil prices rise 10% as U.S. fuel demand begins recovery

Oil prices rose on Thursday as demand is starting to recover and the U.S. crude glut is not growing as fast as anticipated.  West Texas Intermediate crude futures gained 14.3%, or $2.15, at $17.21 per barrel. Brent crude was up 10.3%, ...

30.04.2020 11:01:12

Dollar falls on planned Fed easing, re-opening economies

The dollar bounced on Thursday as the U.S. Federal Reserve said it might reveal more monetary easing, cutting expectations of a quick economic recovery.  The dollar fell as re-opening economies lowered the demand for holding funds in ...

30.04.2020 10:01:39

Shares hike on vaccine optimism, currencies await ECB

Asian shares tallied a seven-week high record on Thursday, with earnings supported by positive results of a coronavirus vaccine trial. However, bonds and currencies traded cautiously ahead of a European central bank meeting set later on Thursday. Gilead’s ...

30.04.2020 10:01:39

Nintendo on profit streak as quarantine boosts sales

Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd is posed to rally further, sustaining its decade-high earnings streak. The positive record is expected next week as sales of the recently-released gaming console Switch surged amid quarantine restrictions. Nintendo’s ...

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